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Monday, January 25, 2010


So today I kept Kristina home from school. She is actually complaining of an earache, so I'm taking her to the pediatrician this afternoon. I have contacted the school board and am waiting for them to return my call. I am 100% set on Kristina not returning to her current class. I don't feel good about it and I want to follow my motherly instincts. By the way - thank you for all of your comments and encouragement. I needed it and appreciate it. As for what to do now...well, I want to keep Kristina home for a period of time and just allow her to adjust to our move fully. I am trying to make her world smaller, just like we did when we first adopted her. I haven't found a new therapist (yet) but will keep looking. I am still debating between finding her another special needs class or doing homeschool with her. Does anyone know of a homeschooling program that is geared for special needs children?


Amy L said...

I don't know if you are a Reece's Rainbow yahoo member, but if not you may want to join us. There are many Mom's on there homeschooling their kids with Ds and other special needs that you could chat with.

Karin said...

Hang in there with your motherly instincts. You will be guided, I am sure, to the best situation for your family & for Kristina individually. Hugs!!!!

Diana said...

Good for you for following your instincts (and most likely inspiration)! We pulled Matthew out of his special ed preschool earlier this year, too. It was a joke! They refused to address any of my real concerns such as delayed motor skills, etc and then cut his services because he was "doing so well." What a crock! We lost his IEP, but oh, well.

We ended up putting in a program through the local university 5 days a week. They're not nearly as academically focused, which is concerning since he can't even come close to writing his name and doesn't have a clue as to what sounds what letters make, but oh well. What has been really good for him, though, has been to be surrounded by "normally functioning" same age peers. He was by far the most able bodied one at his special ed preschool...which made it all the easier to maniputate both the adults and the kids.

Hopefully this will help get her settled back down a bit. (((HUGS!)))

Zactly said...

Sorry for Kristina's difficulties with her current class. Glad you are listening to your insticts. My special needs children are part of a neurodevelopmental homeschool program. , We have seen great progress thus far. Hope you find what you are looking for. My typical children use It can also be used with special needs children.

Sylvia said...

You know, with my first child, I was afraid to go with the "gut Momma" feelings. But I learned some very important lessons, and those feelings were always right on target!! Yay for Jill following her Momma Inspirations! :) Yay! :)

I hope help is found, in whatever way is best for her.

Miss you and Love you! :)

MoonDog said...

i think there is one called time4learning.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks for having stopped by my blog Jill, nice to meet you!

I am beginning a virtual public school program with one of my children later this year. Because it is a public school they meet the services included in an IEP, you simply drive your child to services at your zoned school. I believe Ohio is another state with virtual public school in case you want to check it out. I would maybe google Ohio virtual public school to start with.

We are in FL and the curriculum used is K12, which if you do it on a homeschool basis can be expensive but public school is FREE which is so exciting to me. I get to provide my child's education at home, she will still graduate with a diploma from the county public school just as she would by attending our zoned public school and it is free access to a real teacher and direction and assistance.

Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there to you. :-)