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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have spoken with Kristina's teacher and the person on the school board over the special needs children. I am happy to say that in Florida it is not required by law that a special needs child be in school until they are 6 years old. Kristina won't be 6 until June, so if I choose to pull her out of school - something that seems more and more likely to happen - I will not have to supplement her with a homeschooling program immediately or at all. I am relieved and I feel that having my girl home with me will be the best thing for now. As for the fall, she would qualify for kindergarten, so I will strive to prepare her for that.

Keith has been chewing a little on his food - something that makes me so happy. I am eager for him to move on to solid foods!

All 3 of my kids have an ear infection. They are all home from school and on medication. Poor kids - it's hard to see them in pain.

Today I witnessed Keith making a conscious decision and following through with the consequence. Tyler wanted to take Keith's glasses off his head, but Keith didn't want him to do that - so Keith began swinging at Tyler. As a result, Tyler calmly sent Keith to lay down on his bed. Later on, Tyler went in and called Keith to sit with him on the chair in his room. Tyler then tried again to remove Keith's glasses, Keith then swung his arms at Tyler and then promptly went over to his bed and laid down. This is important! Keith knew what the consequence would be before he even made the decision to swing his arms at Tyler. I am excited to see his mind grasping concepts like cause and effect.

I have a women's exam (pap smear) scheduled for this Friday. My doctor ordered some fasting blood draws and a urine sample beforehand, so I went in and did those this afternoon. I am grateful for the insurance through the military - what a blessing!


nicole said...

Great! It seems like staying home with you will be really healthy for her as she makes this transition to a new home. So glad you feel so relieved and peaceful about the situation. I hope your little ones all feel better soon!! xoxo

Carina said...

I'm glad to hear about the leeway for Kristina! I hope you can do what is best for her. And congrats on Keith making such good progress! Hope they all get better ASAP and that your exam on Friday goes well :)

Kids Special Needs said...


Love your blog! I found you thru Diana. We too have three kids, two of which are special needs. I haven't blogged in about nine months, but I feel such connection with other bloggers, and feel inspired reading their blogs.

Love your recipes too! I'll have to try that Andes mint cheesecake! I too am an avid cook and baker.

Cheers to you and best wishes!

Mary said...

That's great that you found a viable (and easy!) solution for Kristina - sometimes the education system has a lot of red tape and I'm glad that you don't have to deal with that :-)

Kathey said...

Hi Jill,

I haven't looked at your blog for awhile, so I just read about Kristina's difficulties. Oh my. I am SO glad you are going to be able to keep her home. It sounds like that is exactly what she needs. Your intuition is so right on!

Keith's progress sounds remarkable too. It's going to take time, but you ALL are going to make it just fine. You've been through a lot lately.

Love, Kathey