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Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Basin Redwood Forest

Tyler went out of town this week and while in CA, he was able to see some Redwood trees. These trees are HUGE! The first picture shows Tyler inside one of the hollow trees.

The kids had their Valentine's Day parties today at school. Anna gave out pokemon valetines and Keith gave out Disney Cars themed ones. I even bought a red shirt ahead of time for Anna so she could be extra festive.

I had planned to audition tomorrow for America's Got Talent in Orlando, but because I had a hard day today - I think I'll skip it and perhaps audition next year.

It's wonderful to have my husband home. It's hard when he goes out of town. Thank goodness he doesn't go very often at all.

God blesses me in many ways. Recently I learned that a friend of mine from Oklahoma, Sariah, lives just 15 minutes away from me! She came over last night and we spent the evening together. She is such a breath of fresh air - very positive and cheerful personality, just what I am needing right now. I am glad that she lives so close and for all the fun I anticipate having with her. :)

Tonight I played some trains online with Sarah, my bff in MI, and that helped me relax, too. I love good friends!!!

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Bogaranty├║ said...

The inside of that tree is about the same size as my room used to be.