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Friday, February 19, 2010


The girls have been enjoying their gymnastics each week. I love how this sport works the whole body. Because of my weight problems, I am very pro activities for my kids. I don't want for them to become inactive which is more and more common for kids these days. Kris's teacher told me that she is doing VERY well in gymnastics and that she is "super strong." Anna's instructor gave me the choice of putting her in level one (where she's comfortable) or level two (where she'd be stretched). I chose level 2 - Anna tends to do well in most things she does (just like her daddy) and I think it's good for her to have opportunities to be around other kids who have more experience and training so that she'll be (hopefully) encouraged to work harder.

Tyler is going to take a boating course this coming week. He will learn the basics how to drive a boat. I am excited about this because we'd like to take a boat out on the river with the kids. I don't like being in the water, but riding on a boat is super fun. The following movie ruined me on the idea of being in any water that I cannot see through. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a REAL fear. I don't like this fear but I'm not willing to do anything to overcome it anytime soon, either. Leave it to Hollywood to ruin the water for me.


Diana said...

Ha! I wouldn't get in any Florida water I couldn't see through either. There are aligators all over the place. Stay in the boat and have fun, though!

Bogaranty├║ said...

Like Diana said! I never saw Jaws (my dad thought it was too boring, so when I would have had a chance as a teen, I passed it up), but CSI: Ginger Man Edition really made me cautious about aligators.

Sarah C said...

You should come to Michigan. We could go boating all the time. There are no alligators or sharks in the water here. We could have a blast tubing together. Come know you are tempted.