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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Braces and School

Today I drove an hour and a half to Keith's orthopaedic appointment. I was anticipating their adjustment of Keith's AFO (leg braces) but was surprised to hear that he does not need them anymore. Hooray for Keith! So this afternoon we went shoe shopping to buy my boy some shoes that feet his feet instead of his braces. He now wears a size 9 instead of size 11. :) I'm so proud of him. 2 years ago he couldn't even sit up by himself and now he's walking without assistance. He is a miracle.

Today we met with the Vice Principle, Keith's teacher - Mrs. S., and someone from administration. We talked about Iryna's experience with a previous elementary school here in FL and why that didn't work out. As I recounted the many, many times that I was told how awful Iryna's behavior was from her teacher and the aides that worked with her at school and on the bus (it was a daily occurrence) I became emotional. It was hard hearing that my baby was having such a hard time. I feel so peaceful about this change in school for Iryna. I am eager for her to have a positive educational experience here with Mrs. S.

NEWS: my cousin and his family are coming to visit us tomorrow! I've never met Kendall's wife, Shelly, or their 3 precious children - I'm so excited!! :)

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