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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter FHE

Today Iryna and I were tossing a ball back and forth to each other. Whenever one of us would drop the ball, I would say "Uh-oh spaghettios". After a while, Iryna was trying to say the same thing, but she said "Uh-oh potatoes". Cute girl.

Annaism of the day: You know Helium? Not the prophet (Helaman*) but the stuff you put in balloons. :)

*Helaman is a prophet in The Book of Mormon.

Tonight we had our FHE on Easter. (yeah, I know, it's a little late...) I came across this link and did the activity for our lesson. My friend, Sarah, also shared it with me last year which is where I got the idea. It went really well! I highly recommend it to you!

BIG NEWS: Keithy is now chewing. I know! I have been waiting for this day since we brought him home 1 1/2 years ago! My boy is growing up!


Sarah C said...

We did the Easter egg lesson too. We had a family over for Easter dinner and we did it with them. I am glad your family likes it. You are a great mom.

nicole said...

Fun! Sounds like a great night. And that's so wonderful about Keith!! All your hard work is paying off. So glad he's making progress. :)

Zactly said...

Great job Keith!! It is so nice/encouraging to see progress. Isn't it. Have a great day.

Carina said...

Hooray! I can't believe you've had your kids for 1 1/2 years already. How wonderful! =D