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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! The following photos include (several attempts of) pictures of the kids in their Easter best, the kids coloring Easter pictures to mail to their Uncle Coulter (serving a mission), dyeing Easter Eggs, the Easter Feast spread (ham, holiday mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, green bean casserole, pink stuff, corn, and coconut pound cakes), and the V. Family: Angel, Emily, & their son, Branden. We had a wonderful Easter weekend with General Conference, good food, and great company! I'll save my thoughts on General Conference for a separate post. :) Happy Easter!


Zactly said...

Great pictures Jill. The girl's dresses are beautiful.

Sarah C said...

Your family Easter pictures look great. I love the Easter outfits. You all look great. I am glad you had a happy Easter.