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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lin Family

Tyler served a mission from 1998 - 2000 in Taiwan. He had the priviledge of teaching and baptizing the Lin Family during his mission. He first baptized Han, the younger son.

Then soon after he baptized Ray & Julie Lin and their older son, Henry.

In 2004, Tyler & I took a 2 week trip to visit the Lin family in Taiwan. We had a wonderful time with them. Since their baptism, the whole family was sealed as a forever family in the Taipei Temple. Henry served a mission in Taiwan and Han recently finished a mission in Washington D.C. - we're so proud of them! Henry just finished his associates in English in Utah and Han is currently studying accounting at BYU Hawaii. 2 weeks ago, Ray and Julie came to the United States to spend some time together with their boys in Hawaii and Utah and then they came to see us here in FL! We were able to spend 5 glorious days with this wonderful family that we have come to know and love.

 Julie & I
 We went out to eat at a New Orleans Restaurant
 This HUGE ice cream cake dessert - we had no idea how big it was going to be!
 Han & Henry - aren't they handsome??
 Tyler & Ray
Julie with her first crawfish - she said that shrimp was better, though. :D

While the Lin family was here, we went on many outtings - including an airboat ride in the Florida Swamps. I was pretty nervous about it and when I saw that the airboat had no seatbelts (!!!) I was even more afraid, but we were safe the whole time and enjoyed seeing alligators, birds, and other wildlife - including cows!

One day Tyler took Anna with the Lin's to Epcot at Disney World! They had a great time together. :D

One thing about Julie Lin is that she is a hard worker - this woman does not know how to relax on a vacation. She was ALWAYS doing something and wanted to help me every time I cooked a meal - 3x a day! She learned to make rolls, cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and every other meal. Her motto is "DILIGENCE!"

I love this woman!

Han playing games with Anna & Iryna.

Our big feast on Mother's Day!

I was pleased to see how easily both Keith & Iryna warmed up to the Lin's. Iryna especially attached to Br. Lin - it was sweet to see that. :D

If Julie wasn't cooking or doing my dishes - I couldn't stop her! - then she was making these cute little stuffed animals by hand. She made two just for me while she was here for 5 days!

This is where we found Iryna most of the time - in Br. Lin's lap! Anna enjoyed playing nintendo with Han & Henry - who both love video games, too!

We went to the beach!

Handsome boys!

After church on Sunday.

One of my favorite things that we did with the Lin family was read the scriptures every evening and discuss them. I am overwhelmed by this family's dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They work hard to follow the commandments and truly live as Jesus would live. Their example made me want to be a better person. I am so grateful for their friendship! I hope it won't be another 6 years before we see them again. Thanks for coming - Xie-Xie Ni-men!

***I forgot to mention that Julie is a talented hair stylist in Taiwan! She gave me and my two girls haircuts while she was here!***


nicole said...

Great pictures Jill! Looks like you guys had a blast!! What an amazing opportunity to witness the blessings that have come into their lives after accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's so wonderful that you've been able to remain in contact with them. You sure know how to treat your guests well! :)

Mary said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! It's great that y'all have kept in touch, even after all of these years and even though your families live so many thousands of miles apart.

Tyler looks soooo young in the first few pics! He must have still been a teen (19? 20?) when they were taken.

Also, did Anna get a new haircut? It looks really great!

Sarah C said...

It is very special that the Lin family was able to visit you. I am glad you all had so much fun. It is amazing to see the blessings the gospel brings to families. They sound like a wonderful family.

Carina said...

How incredibly FUN! I am so grateful that you all keep in touch this many years later. I need to be better about people I met in Brazil. Glad to hear you had such a great time!