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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Opposite reactions

Today Iryna had a doctor's appointment to have her hearing checked. I told the teacher yesterday so they would have her ready to go this morning. When I arrived - it was a big surprise to Iryna and she was NOT happy about leaving with me. She cried, she whined, she went limp, and threw a fit. All the way out to the van she was fussing.

Once we got to the doctor's office, she seemed to be okay with it all. Of course, the doctor said that our appointment was for an hour earlier - even though I wrote down the time they gave me - so they put in for a referral to have Iryna's ears checked at a Pediatric ENT. We went through a car wash and got a $1 hamburger at Burger King and then went back to the school.

Iryna was SO excited to be back at school. She was practically jumping for joy when they let her play wii since she did a great job at the doctor's office. Once I arrived, Keithy took my hand (they are in the same class) and said he was ready to go home. What a sweet little guy - he thought it was his turn to go with me. I snuggled with him for a while and then told him I was going to leave (without him). He cried, he whined, and threw a fit.

How funny that both of my children have the same reaction to either going with their mama or not going with their mama.


Diana said...

Yeah for the school for helping out with that one...ugh!!

In either case, it may well not have actually been about you. It was about school and either being overwhelmed or not wanting to leave (or fear of the doctor.) When their stress window was reached, they melted down.

Carina said...

Haha...that is kinda funny. I hope you don't take it personally! Your kids all love you, as I'm sure you know!

Karin said...

I hear you...! Mine both react so differently to situations--& often in ways I am not expecting. Happy mothering!!!! You're doing a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh ... but isn't it a good sign that Iryna loves to be at school? 'Glad to hear she's happy to be there. I'm sure Keith is too. Usually the kiddos are fine the minute mom or dad leaves. I've seen it many times :=)

Maria (Canada)

Alabama Apples said...

Mine have different reactions to situations, too. Gavin prefers to stay at home, while Gunner runs to get his shoes at the merest mention of going anywhere.

I just have to add that I am always uplifted when I read your blog. You are so beautiful. You inspire me to be better, stronger, more spiritual constantly, by simply being you. Thank you.