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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random thoughts

Iryna wore panties to church today and had no accidents. And there was much rejoicing.

Keith has been coming with me to Primary (instead of nursery) for the past 2 Sundays. I am grateful for my calling to teach Iryna's class. It has helped make the transition for Keith to come to Primary. If I had been serving anywhere else in the church, I don't think that Keith would be out of the nursery for a long time.

I love leading the music in church. It gives me a chance to sing full voice and I find that I memorize the hymns better when I'm leading. Today we sang this hymn - I like the words and the melody a lot. I find that I learn some of the gospel principles more through the hymns. I just feel such a connection with music.

Anna's best friend, Sydney, is moving with her family to Alaska tomorrow. Anna is really upset about this. Anna said that if she could choose between being able to do whatever she wanted for 1 day or for Sydney to stay here, she would have Sydney stay in FL. "Because 1 day is just 24 hours, but friendship is forever," she said.

On the drive home from church, Anna started crying. I said that it must be hard having her best friend move away. Anna replied: "She's not my best friend, she's my BFF - Best Friends FOREVER!" Poor baby. :(

For lunch, I made french toast and homemade syrup. I let the syrup cool on the table during "quiet time" while the kids were in their rooms playing and Tyler & I were napping. I woke up to see a spoon in the cup of syrup. Iryna had decided that syrup was a nice snack.

This past week I let the house get out-of-control dirty. At one point - all the rooms were in disarray. Last night, my sweet husband and I attacked the house with vigor and it's so nice to see the house all clean again.

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer - at least for as far as I'm concerned! I have a schedule all made up which consists of free bowling, free movies, picnic/park dates, reading time, and playgroups. I'm excited about spending a few months with my sweet kids. :D


shannon said...

Ooh free bowling! I've got to see if they have that here! I'm glad you're excited for summer---I bet Florida summers are so nice!

Karin said...

I like reading your thoughts--& I'm grateful life is going well for you & yours! We have 2 wks/2days left...& I'm counting down till summer! Enjoy your little ones...they grow sooooo fast!

Melissa said...

You are quite the blogger! Wow I'm impressed with how open you are and willing to share your life with others. I wish I had the time to read through your past but you have like 200+ posts a year! If you had your top 10 posts, send them to me because I would love to get to know you better. You are in my prayers that you will be given energy this summer for all you have to do. . .pottytrain, entertain, etc, etc!