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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How are you?

I am doing well, thanks. We've recovered from the 17 people family reunion here in FL. It was super duper fun and we enjoyed it - but it took a week to get back to "normal" around here.

I just found out that we only have a little over 3 weeks until school starts back up again. Where did the summer go?

For a horrid update on my lapband adjustment situation, click here.

Tyler & I have been watching this bizarre Taiwanese tv show called THE ROSE. I have enjoyed watching Joe Cheng in IT STARTED WITH A KISS and LOVE OR BREAD, but I have to say that THE ROSE is quite odd. I am enjoying it, though, and through it I have learned about the Taiwanese musical group S.H.E. which is fun. Here's a video that I really like by them about a couple who was separated by war and then 20-30 years later they met again. The man was waiting for the woman all those years:

I just found out that my brother, Evan, and his lovely wife, Shelbee, are coming out to visit us in August. I can't wait! :D


Carina said...

3 weeks until school starts again for you? That's crazy! Wow, they start early there. I think BYU starts in about 6 weeks, but that's college so it's different.

I'm so sorry about the lapband. You've been in my prayers.

Hope you're still able to have a good summer! Take advantage of these last three weeks :)

Josh & Adrienne McElwain said...

You Must have extra rooms at your house, people are always visiting! That's awesome!

Sarah C said...

I am glad you are recovering from the reunion. I am sure Evan and his family will have a great time with you. You do have the home that is Paradise.