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Sunday, July 25, 2010

This and that

Last night we went to CiCi's pizza for dinner. With some coupons and a military discount, we only spent $13! A man commented to us how well behaved our children were in the restaurant. Notice how he didn't say how clean their faces were...ha ha. It was a nice compliment, especially since the twins were so much more difficult in public just one year ago. We are so blessed. :D

It felt so nice to go to church this morning. Last week we were all home due to sickness. Missing church throws my whole week off! It was nice seeing everyone and being able to worship my Heavenly Father. :D

One of the talks today was on getting education. I have a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies (focus on religion & history). I have desires to get a masters degree and even a phd, someday. This fall seems like a good time since all my kids will be in school again. However, money is an issue. Does anyone know if you can qualify for pell grants for higher education?

Only 2 more weeks until school starts for the kids. It's so hard to believe!

Common phrases you hear at our house lately:

"Iryna, stop eating (chewing on) your hair."

Me: "Keithy, you just ate, no more food."
Keith: "All done?"
Me: "Yes, Keithy, all done."
Keith: "All done?!?"
Me: "Yes, Keithy, all done."
Keith (now hysterical): "ALL DONE?!??!?!??!?!?"
Me (sighing): "Yes, Keith, all done."

"Anna, stop talking so loud."

Iryna: "Mama, you so pretty."

Keith: "Poop." (meaning, he has poop)

Anna: "Can I watch the Suite Life?"

Daddy: "Is 5pm too early for the kids to go to bed??"

Mama: "Iryna, you can't eat (or watch a movie or play a game or, etc) unless you put your clothes back on."


Saquel25 said...

Sounds like a blast at your place. It's not too different around here. We have had to ban programs such as The Suite Life, iCarly, Big Time Rush. Leia has not been behaving appropriately and I've been trying to get to the bottom of it. After actually sitting down in front of iCarly the other day I got a BIG clue. So no more of that. I hope you guys don't have similar issues. School here starts on the 4th of August. Can't wait. Pity we can't do lunch when they all go back. :)

Anonymous said...

As someone working on a doctorate, and going through the financial aid process, I can answer your question.

Sadly, there are not Pell grants for graduate study, nor for additional bachelor's degrees once you've earned the first one. The options: student loans (the amounts are much higher than for undergrad), which can help for cost of living, out of state fees (as long as you attend in FL, you should be in state), and the higher grad tuition rate; graduate assistantships (which usually come with strings attached, like teaching or research or grading papers), but you have to do your research to find one that you qualify for based on your bachelor's degree along with your chosen field of study; graduate scholarships are usually available in limited supply; grants are around, but you have to do a lot of research to find those that you qualify for, keeping in mind closing dates for applications, but these are usually not for the full cost of a semester's schooling.

If your background is not in the area you are interested in studying now, the choices seem to diminish a bit as far as paying for you graduate degree. Don't freak out over the thought of student loans, especially in combination with other sources available. Those funds can pay for travel expenses if you commute, child care if you have to use it, and any other needs, as long as your bills with the university are paid first.

There is also another thought about loans: if you think you might like to teach, the government will pay some portion of your loans upon graduation, or forgive a percentage, if you choose to teach, but usually that has to be in an inner city area, or some poor area school. That can be a great way to pay off a sizable portion of loans, but those types of school environments can be challenging from out-of-control students, bitter faculty colleagues, or dangerous neighborhoods. You and Tyler would have to discuss whether or not that would be a good way to pay down some loans. And this depends largely on your educational goals and the reason to continue your education.

You should totally think about it. It may not be the right time right now. It may not be the right decision ever. But you should carefully consider all of your options, including schools, locations of schools, travel times for commuting, whether or not you can take your classes while the kids are in school, realistic coordination of schedules b/w you, Tyler, and the kids, costs of paying for the schooling, if you go full-time or part-time, whether or not you can finish a master's degree while you're still in Florida (and if that even bothers you), and how this choice might disrupt your kids' lives. And it will disrupt lives...sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, and it's all in the balance of everything I just mentioned. Think about it, and let us know when you've made a decision, or even post your thought processing here on your blog. Feel free to ask me any questions about any of the specifics; if you guide my thoughts a little by suggesting possibilities, I might have more to say.

Hope this helps,

Josh & Adrienne McElwain said...

I am not sure about active duty but in the Utah Air National Guard there are many programs to help pay for my tuition for up to a Masters. Have you checked with the military eduction councilors? Spouses are getting more and more benefits every year in this area.

I am glad you were able to attend church this week!

Melissa said...

Good news for you!!! Look into the "Post GI Bill" Grant. Tyler is eligible and anything he doesn't use, you or your children can!

I know many spouses that are financing ALL of their education through this. I'm not sure the rules of grad school but I'm pretty use you can use the grant for that. Military is a great deal!!

Sarah C said...

I loved the little comments you posted. So cute!