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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Evan & Shelbee

My brother, Evan, & his lovely wife, Shelbee are here visiting us in FL. We are having a great time so far! Some pictures:

The kids wanted to show how full their tummies were after eating.

After picking Evan & Shelbee up from the airport, we went to the Orlando Temple for an endowment session. It was so nice and peaceful. :)

After breakfast this morning, we went to the beach.

Tyler & Evan went out on the boogie boards and did a little surfing, too.

Then we came home and swam in the pool.

Evan & Shelbee just found out that they are expecting a baby - aren't they such a cute couple?? I can't wait to meet their little baby! :D

Anna's glasses arrived today. She's not happy about wearing them, but hopefully will adjust soon. She managed to give me a smile in them today. Purple frames, naturally. :D

Iryna is still obsessed with glasses and wanted a picture of her in these sunglasses. :D

This isn't a great picture of Keithy, but don't these new glasses look a bit like Harry Potter's??? So cute!

Will update you soon on all our good times with Evan & Shelbee!!! :D


Landlocked Shores said...

Anna's glasses are sooooo cute! I love them!!!!

Sarah C said...

FUN! The beach is beautiful. Anna's new glasses are cute. All your kids look adorable in their glasses. I am glad you are having a great time with Evan and Shelbee.

Brianne said...

I do think Keith's glasses look like Harry Potter's, hehe...but I love Anna's! They are super cute! She'll get used to them =)