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Monday, August 23, 2010

A new favorite singer: Édith Piaf

I have found a new singer that I really enjoy listening to: Édith Piaf. She is a famous french singer who passed away in 1963. It's so funny. I took spanish in high school and then took one semester of french in college - but I didn't do so well in it. I think it's hard to pronounce french, so I've just focused on other languages to learn to speak and sing: spanish, italian, german, chinese, & russian. And now I've discovered Édith Piaf and her beautiful songs - and I can't pronounce the french words to save my life, but I am so mesmorized by her music!

Haven't heard of Édith Piaf? Well, most likely you will recognize this song. If not the words, at least the melody: La Vie en Rose

Another beautiful song: L'Hymne à l'amour

Here is a recording of Édith Piaf singing a more upbeat song: La Foule

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Hevel said...

May I recommend Exodus? It's also an awesome song (based on the score of the like titled film).

I grew up with Edit Piaf's music, my big sister was a big fan.