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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Iryna has been crying in her sleep the past two nights. We have gone to get her and when we pick her up - she is startled awake. She is having less trouble falling asleep, which is good, though. Perhaps she is having nightmares? I don't know if she is remembering something from the orphanage or if the adderal is affecting her dreams. Poor girl.

Keith is Tyler's shadow. When Tyler comes home, Keith is right on his heels. They are inseparable. I think it is precious. Keith has a daddy who loves him and wants to do things with him. It warms my heart to see it. Adoption is a beautiful thing.

Anna is doing well with school. She is very driven by the Sunshine State Reading program. She comes home every day with new books and reads for up to an hour. Sometimes she has already finished a book just on the bus ride home. I like seeing how motivated she is.

I may have the opportunity to begin a nursing assistant program! :D

Doting on Tyler: Tyler was selected to attend a conference in Texas last week. I can't give many details, but it was a very prestigious honor for him and he was able to meet and rub shoulders with many generals and high-ranking airmen. He was able to get some ideas for a career path for him that are very exciting. I'm so proud of him!


Sarah C said...

I am sorry Iryna is having trouble sleeping. Sad.
Keith is so cute. I can see him being daddys little shadow.
Anna is a wonderful girl. I am glad she enjoys reading.
I didn't know you were looking into being a nurse assistant. That is awesome. You would be great at that.
Good job Tyler! It sounds like the Texas trip was a good experience.

nicole said...

Wow, so many exciting things happening in your life. Love that bit about Keith and Tyler. Too sweet. And I'm so excited for your new opportunity! I'm sure you've been prepared for this through all the trials you've gone through lately... you have a great compassion for people and a real understanding of their needs.

And congrats to Tyler! He's very deserving of honors. Miss you guys! So glad you're doing well. :)