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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School's in session

My kids are back in school. Where does the time go? I actually enjoyed the summer this year, spending time with the kids and having family come visit us. The twins were ready to go back to school, but this year, Anna was not. She wants me to homeschool her, but I do not think I am able to do that for her, at least right now. Here are some pictures of the kids right after their first day at school.

Just for a reference, here is a picture of them one year ago, after starting school. Amazing, isn't it?

I really love the school my kids attend. After the first day, the teacher for Keith & Iryna's class sent me these three pictures. The teacher must be taking the picture, because she's not in it.

Iryna in her weighted vest. Update on her medication. We took her off Ritalin and today was her first day on Adderal. Guess what? She had a fabulous report of good behavior. All. Day. Long. I think we may have a winner. :D

Keith is still learning to smile upon command. However, we recently found something that does work. Instead of saying "smile," we say "do you want to eat?" You should see his smiles after that. :)

The next two pictures have nothing to do with school, but Iryna recently has been asking for me to braid her hair. This is what the results generally look like:

And to follow up on the black & brown widow problem, we had a pest control guy come out and spray the patio area and around the whole house. Tyler wanted to take a picture of what he found under a windowsill. Creepy.

Today, Tyler gathered up 33 egg sacs (each holding up to 200 spiders - I know!) and put them in gasoline and set them on fire. He's such a guy. Normally, I wouldn't be up for some explosions outside with fire, but to get rid of those egg sacs? Go right ahead.


Carina said...

Wow, I can't believe school is already in session. Hopefully the year ends in May or something, then! They really have grown a lot. Good job raising such strong kids, mama!

Ooooh, those egg sacs look scary. I'm glad Tyler destroyed them for you. Gives me the willies just thinking about it...

Alabama Apples said...

Oooh, happy first day of school!! You kiddies HAVE grown so much! I always think my children look the same until I look back at older pictures of them. Hooray for finding something to work for little Iryna. Kit was on Aderol...that is what his mamma swears by. :) Thank heavens for takin' those spiders down. Uggh.

Diana said...

Mine start tomorrow! Whoot, Whoot!! Well, one of them, does, anyway. Another one starts Thursday, and on Tuesday, beautiful Tuesday, they will all be back in school...and Mama does a happy dance.

Where did you get Iryna's weighted vest?

Josh & Adrienne McElwain said...

wow the summer did fly by! If you ever decide to home school Anna let me know I was home schooled and graduated high school, and I plan to home school both my girls! I already picked out programs for them... Evie is doing kindergarten now.

The Penningtons said...

I love that the teacher took photos for you. What is the purpose of the weighted vest? Does it just help her sit still better? Did I miss the explanation of that somewhere along the way. But yeah for finding something that works for her! They are all so adorable.