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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today, while driving in the truck, the following conversation occurred:

Anna sees the lovebugs splattered all over the windshield.

Anna said: "They left oil all over the truck!"

Tyler said: "That's not oil, that's their guts."

Anna said: "Ah! They have some nerve."

My sweet brother and sil sent me an iphone 3g (they upgraded!) and I'm really excited about it!!! seems like a big adjustment from my beloved blackberry. I had to google how to switch out the sim cards. Sheesh. I hope it's user friendly. Anyone made the switch to an iphone? What's the learning curve?


Faith Penningtons said...

I went from the razor to a blackberry and only had it for 2 days. I disliked it very much. I currently use the iphone 3g and LOVE it! It's so much more user friendly.

Sarah C said...

Ha Ha! Anna is so funny!
Good luck with your new phone.