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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where to begin?

This past week was very invigorating! I had a great time being back in a classroom setting. I love to learn. I did extremely well in my exams and made some solid friendships with the other students. So many of them seem starved for real friendship. How grateful I am to have the gospel in my life. It allows me to focus on those things that are most important and sacred. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints influences me in every aspect of my life.

One of the classmates learned that I was mormon and went home to look up things about my religion. They came back the next day and apologized to me for swearing out loud. I told them that I hadn't said anything about swearing and she replied that she'd looked up things about the mormons and one thing she read is that we don't swear. While some mormons do swear, I do not happen to be one of them. Another girl commented that mormons are very pure people. I liked hearing that. We do strive to be pure.

Last night I was putting the kids to bed and I was hurrying because I needed to go to the bathroom. In my hurry, I slipped on a carpet rug in Keith's room and fell (all 400 pounds of me) onto my right knee. OUCH! It hurt SO bad. Now my knee is pretty swollen, not bruised (yet) and painful to the touch. I've been taking motrin and try to elevate it. Perhaps I should ice it again today. Does anyone know if it makes a difference the day after to ice it?

Today at church we practiced the Primary program for next week. The primary song person said that the kids could volunteer to sing some of the songs. Being a singer, myself, and having a daughter, Anna, who can sing as well - I'd like to see her do some of these solos. However, she says that she's "too scared" to sing in front of people. I would like to help her see this as a positive opportunity, but I'm not sure how to do that without bribery or disciplining her to do so. I welcome your ideas on this subject. Remember, that I am wanting to help her develop her musical talent, not hide it. My mom threw me into musical opportunities when I was young and I'm grateful for that.


Annie said...

I have the same fear, of solos. Not sure what to tell you, besides telling her what a pretty voice she has when she sings - boost confidence. The other thing is to find someone else to sing with her. Having another singing with you makes a BIG difference when you're shy. Maybe eventually after singing in small groups she'll be brave enough to try a solo. I wouldn't force her - it may push her further away from singing.

Sarah C said...

That is a special experience you had with the gospel at your school. You are a wonderful example to everyone around you. I am so sorry you got hurt. I hope you are ok. I agree with Annie's comment with Anna. I think if she started singing in a small group it may help her feel more confident. She does have a beautiful voice. It might be fun for the two of you to do a duet again. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your second week of school. :)

shannon said...

I am with you here! Anna has a great voice and did such a good job on her duet with you in OH. Remind her how special that was to you and how she can be a missionary through music. It's amazing how little ones can sing with Spirit so powerfully and not even know it, they are just pure and innocent and willing. I agree if she's shy a duet or little group would be best. Even if she skips it this time, just keep encouraging and giving opportunities and she'll get there, no doubt!

Rebecca Clerc said...

Hey Jill, one thing I have tried to do over the years is help my kids be confident. I have them ask for their own things, like for ketchup from a waiter, or I give them the money to buy an ice cream cone from mcd's. Etc, but when school started I help my kids get excited about, and figure out a routine for EVERY talent show that has ever come up. From memorizing poems, playing the piano, dance routines, singing, whatever, they all do it. Moriah has determined that she prefers stage hand for drama, but Daison doesn't want to give up any spotlight. People comment all the time how confident my kids are, and I think these are the reasons. I would as soon hide in a corner, but I love to see them front and center. I would just say present opportunities for them, and encourage them, and the rest really has to be up to them. The one other thing that I have found that REALLy works is to have another person ask the kid. When they wanted Moriah to sing in church one Sunday, they asked me, I told them I thought it would be awesome, but knew she would not do it if I asked her, so I had them ask her and had her give them her answer. She accepted and did a wonderful job!

Angie said...

I would ask her what it is that she is scared of, and see if it's something you can help her work through. Remember, this is a legitimate fear, and if you push her through it when she's not ready, she may never want to sing in public as she gets older. Maybe she just needs a little time to mull it over and if not this year, maybe next year she'll be more comfortable with it. Good luck!