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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheerios "Do What You Love" Sweepstakes Grand Prize

I follow lots of blogs. Some are of people that I know in-person or friends that I have met online, while other blogs offer coupons, freebies, giveaways, and great deals online. One of those blogs mentioned the Cheerios "Do What You Love" sweepstakes. I entered it and was contacted by General Mills to inform me that I have won the grand prize! Here are the details of what we have won:


Family Grand Prize

Entry Period 8/2/10 – 10/17/10

Prize Drawing 10/18/10 (they called us the day after!)

Fulfillment period 11/1/10 – 2/28/11 (timing TBD based on consultation)

•Customized experience based upon what the family is passionate about doing together and the size (in quantity) of the family.

•Includes $4,800 to be used to pay the taxes assessed on the prize value that are the responsibility of the winner, awarded as a check

•12 VIP Coupons, each for a free box of Cheerios Cereal

•One flip camera with two memory cards
ARV: up to $18,750

As you can imagine...we are super excited about this vacation! We have been talking with the travel agents and have concluded that a family cruise to somewhere in the Caribbean is right for us! We can't wait - it's our first cruise ever! Have you been on a cruise? What did you like about it? Didn't like about it? I would welcome your experiences to help prepare us for it. Thanks!


Mary said...

AAAHHH!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! That is so amazing!

I've never known anyone who's won one of those sweepstakes contests - you are truly blessed! Your family is the perfect winner for an all-expenses-paid vacation! Enjoy the trip - you guys deserve it!

A cruise sounds amazing - be sure to take plenty of pics! I don't know if it's an option on the cruise you're going on, but if you get the chance swimming with the dolphins sounds pretty neat!

Annie said...

Congratulations! Sounds fun, but I'm wondering if you have to take your kids with you? I think you might have more fun just you and Tyler. Might not be very relaxing if the whole family goes... just my opinion.

Diana said...

Oh, how cool!!!! I never enter those things because I didn't think anyone ever won!

Enjoy your vacation!!

Melissa said...

Geez what a deal!! We went on a cruise last December (just as a couple) and it was awesome but would have been more fun if we had more money. :) So many cool things to do but everything costs a TON! We got cruise tickets (4 day) for $130 (with military discount) but all the taxes/tips and excursions made it a LOT more than that. It's tricky when to buy the cruise but usually 4-6 weeks before you want to go and to go on a cruise at a non-holiday time. Then you would have more money to do all the FUN stuff offered for the cruise. I agree with your friend that going as a couple is the ideal but your kids are older and if they can be in all the different classes each day then it would be worth it. I have a lot more tips for you but we'll have to talk in person. :) Really awesome you get this opportunity!!

Mama said...

As far as taking the kids along...most cruise ships have kids "camp" or something like that. It's basically a really fun day care (I kinda wanted to hang out there just from looking in one of the rooms). I LOVED being able to walk out on deck and just watch the water. Excursions are cool, but Hubby and I enjoyed just exploring the destinations...really getting some of the culture. My favorite thing about the cruise we were cream 24/7! :) Oh, BTW, get a soda card (if you or your family drinks a lot of soda)....much cheaper than paying for each individual drink!!

Carina said...

I've never been on a cruise, but I really want to someday...Cody's not a fan of the open ocean, so we'd probably have to do one where we stay in sight of land the whole time. How exciting for you, though! I'm so happy for you because your family totally deserves it. Be sure to take LOTS of pictures!

Sarah C said...

That is sooooo awesome. I am really excited for you and your family. You will all have a great time!