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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I took my 2 finals yesterday, scoring 94% and 100%. I am very pleased with how much I learned and retained from the 4 weeks of CNA training. Today was my first day of clinicals. All 13 of the students in Mrs. C's class reported to a nursing home this morning at 6:45am. I was up at 5am to get ready and leave by 5:30am so I could meet some of my classmates at Burger King for breakfast at 6am. We all are required to wear white scrubs, white shoes, nametags, and a watch with a second hand for taking pulses and respirations (neither of which I did today).

After a fiasco with some paperwork which could have prevented me from being able to attend the clinicals to begin with - thanks to my Heavenly Father and husband for making that happen!!! - I began by following a CNA named Juanita. She is of African American descent and I found it difficult to understand what she was saying about 80% of the day. I tried hard to understand her, but I could tell that it was frustrating for her when I repeatedly asked her what she had just said, over and over and over and over...anyhow, I was able to do several skills, such as: making and changing beds, 2 bed baths, helping to dress 2 people, lifting someone out of bed and into their wheelchair, & putting away meal trays (funny, I don't recall being trained to do that one...).

During one of the bed baths, I was concentrating on the task at hand. Juanita and I were bathing a man, Mr. M, with serious contractures and I was trying to focus my attention on helping him be comfortable. I was standing with my back to the curtrain which was drawn to give this man some privacy from his resident roommate. Halfway through bathing Mr. M, someone pinched the back of my calf! Caught off-guard, I screamed out loud. After I screamed, I heard the roommate laugh at his little joke. I guess he could have pinched me in worse places from under that curtain...

The nursing home is set at a warmer temperature to keep all the elderly residents comfortable. It caused me, however, to sweat like crazy! There were some good things that happened today. I formed a sweet bond with 2 ladies on the wing I worked. I was able to color each of them a picture and leave it with them. I could tell that it made their day and that was very fulfilling. I also noticed a piano in the cafeteria room and asked if I could play the piano and sing tomorrow during lunchtime. I was granted that opportunity and I look forward to it!

Now, I am home. My feet hurt and I am tired from being up since 5am. I am making one of my favorite meals for dinner. Tonight I am going to Enrichment to make some crafts and socialize with my girls at church. After that? I will most likely CRASH in bed and repeat today.


Diana said...

wahoo! Glad it's going well! Congrats on doing so well on your tests, too!

Sarah C said...

That is busy and crazy day! I am glad you survived. The people in the nursing home are very blessed to have you there. I am sorry your first day was hard. I am sure it will get better. I can't wait to hear about your musical number. I wish I could be there to hear you.