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Friday, October 15, 2010

CNA Graduation

I have graduated from my CNA course. It was highly informative and I enjoyed the challenge that it presented to me. I WOULD NOT have been able to finish this course without help from my Heavenly Father - who supplied my physical and mental energy - and my husband who took care of the house, kids, and me. I am so blessed.

What happens now? Well, I am waiting for a test date to become a state certified nursing assistant. After I get the test date, I can begin working as long as I complete/pass the state exam within 120 days of working there. There is a lady at my church who works in hospice. I am interested in speaking with her about entering that field of work.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony yesterday:

Me introducing myself to the audience.

Nurse Carter

Getting pinned with my CNA pin.

13 students (12 girls and 1 guy)

Family photo. Keith wasn't interested in smiling or even looking at the camera.

My friend, Isabel, and I. We became great friends throughout the course. She is so kind and considerate. Plus she has 2 daughters who totally hit it off with Anna and are coming to her Halloween Party next week! :D

My instructor, Nurse Carter. She was such a great teacher. I really enjoyed learning from her and getting to know her as a person.

Anna just wanted a picture, too. Why not?? Isn't she adorable?


Annie said...

Congratulations! Did you end up singing at the nursing home?

nicole said...

Woohoo! What an accomplishment. Congrats Jill! (And those glasses look cute on you!)

Mary said...

Congratulations! You are SO awesome, Jill! Love the glasses and how they match the scrubs :-)

Brianne said...

Congratulations, Jill! You've put in a lot of work and it has paid off. That is so awesome =)

Carina said...

Hey, congrats, Jill! It makes me happy to hear that you've found such joy in this field :)

Jason and Lissa said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment!

Sarah C said...

Congratulations! You will be a wonderful CNA.
You look beautiful in your white scrubs and awesome glasses.