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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Other stuff that's going on

Aside from my CNA graduation, there are other things that have been going on around here.

-Anna had her MRI to see what is going on with one of the nerves in her eye. She will meet with the doctor with the results this coming week. The nerve hasn't been working and is causing Anna to see double vision which gives her nausea and headaches. Poor baby.

-I have been on a period for 7 weeks today. Yes, 7 WEEKS today. I had a vaginal ultrasound and bloodwork drawn which showed nothing wrong. I had an appointment with a GYN this past week and discussed it with him. He said he could do a D&C which is surgery to scrape out all the lining in the uterus and look for any problems or do an endometrial biopsy. We opted for the biopsy and he performed that that day. I was anticipating something similar to a pap smear for pain, but it ended up being much more painful. I cried during the procedure, while I was getting dressed and on the way home from the doctor's office. I had no idea that it would hurt so bad. I should hear the results in 7 days, he said.

-There is a big ceremony done on base here to remember Pearl Harbor. It is supposed to be quite a big function. The person in charge asked me if I would sing The National Anthem during the ceremony. I told him that I would! What an opportunity!

-This Thursday evening is a Girl's Night Out Halloween Party at my house. I am super excited about it. I love Halloween! I am going to dress up as a nurse (it's only fitting) and I've been looking for some Halloween-ish recipes to make. Do you have any to share???

-A week from today I am hosting another Halloween party for Anna and some of her friends. It should be fun! Any recommendations of fun activities/crafts/recipes for this party?

-Since it's October, I am trying to determine what kind of family picture we're going to have done for this year. Since we're near the beach, I thought we might do a jeans & white t-shirt photo shoot? Not sure. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

My sister is a nurse and had to have a uterine biopsy. She also said it was horrible. Thankfully all came back negative. The beach picture sounds good!

Diana said...

Medical stuff: YUCK!!! Good luck with all of that. I've got a gyno apt. myself at the end of the month I'm more than a little nervous for. Perhaps I should really go more than once every six yaers.

Love the beach picture idea! Sounds cute and fun.

Have fun with your Halloween party. Girls Nights Out are an awesome thing!! I've tried to get into the groove of Halloween for several years, but have never been able to do it. Halloween lost it's zeal and appeal somewhere long about my senior year in highschool and has only gotten worse since. I actually got rid of every single one of my Halloween decorations except my happy pumpkins this year.

Some of the weirder menu items I've seen for Halloween include eyeball stew, brain matter salad, and lady fingers...meatballs with pimento stuffed green olives in the center of them floating in a red marinara sauce; jello "dump" salad using weird colors of jello so it looks gray; and cheese sticks sliced in half lengthwise and then in small enough sections to fit on a triscut cracker with a small piece of red bell pepper placed on the end to look like a fingernail - bake just long enough for the cheese to start to melt.

Mary said...

Oh no! 7 weeks of periods sound terrible, and the biopsy sounds awful as well! Hope you're feeling better soon, that they figure out what's going on, and they're able to stop it soon.

Congrats on being asked to sing during the ceremony - what an amazing opportunity!

Have fun with all your Halloween events!

Alabama Apples said...

Yuckers to all that medical yuckiness! I'm so sorry you have to go through all of that...blehh! (I cringe at my week long, 7!!! Ahhhh!!!)

I'm so excited for your CNA graduation. You will be so wonderful in that field.

How fun to have a halloween party!! I think that would be crazy fun. A couple of recipes I think are fun are Bones and blood (bread stick dough shaped into bones and cooked and then you dip them in marinara sauce, candy corn pizza ( pizza made with both cheddar and mozzarella cheese in layers to resemble candy corns when cut), mummies (basically pigs in a blanket, but dough wrapped around hot dog to look like mummy wrappings then tiny mustard dots as eyes). My kids love witches wands (large stick pretzels with tips dipped in colored melted white chocolate then decorated with sprinkles) and witches brew- green sherbet ice cream with sprite (you can add ice cubes with play bugs, etc. frozen inside.)

nicole said...

Wow Jill. It's absolutely amazing how much you can handle!! About the halloween ideas, check out family my FAVORITE site for all things fun! Especially halloween and april fools ideas.

And jeans and white shirts always look good. We did jeans and black shirts once and that looked really classy too. Hope everything works out ok with the period. I'll be thinking of you. xo

Sarah C said...

I hope they can help Anna feel better.
I am sooo sorry you are having such a hard time with your health. I hope they can find answers and get you feeling better soon.
I am excited you get to sing at the Pearl Harbor ceremony. That will be wonderful.
Your Halloween parties sound like fun. You are a party animal.
I think your idea to do pictures at the beach sounds great.