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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preparing for the cruise, part 2

For the past 10 years, we've been using Tyler's mission luggage. It's nice, but definitely worn out. It was time for some new ones, so I bought a cute set of orange luggage from They are super nice! I'm really pleased with the quality of them.

I tried to get some patches for seasickness, but was told that they aren't for children and that they can interfere with your fun while on the cruise. I guess they "slow you down" so you don't feel sick? Something like that. Anyone know more about it?

I've been busy trying to get in all appointments before we go and rescheduling appointments that we had scheduled during the 12 days of our cruise.

One thing that I wanted to have done before we went on the cruise was to have family pictures taken. I like the idea of coming back from the cruise and being able to order pictures for Christmas cards, etc. My friend, Shelly, spent an hour this evening taking pictures of us. I am super excited to see the results! Here is a website with a sampling of her work.

For those of you who have been on a cruise, what times of clothing did you wear while on the boat? Did you bring enough outfits for each day or did you wear one outfit more than once? I don't want to bring too many things on the boat, but want to make sure I have what I need. Did you bring games to play while in  your room? I'm open to your suggestions!


Melissa said...

I would ask Aubrey because I think they wore patches the whole time and it really saved them from getting sick. As I told you, we got sick and it was miserable! As for clothing, I didn't bring enough...especially jackets and jeans for the evening. We basically were in swimsuits/coverups on all day excursions and shorts and tshirts on the ship. Whatever you feel the most relaxed in :)

I hope you have a great time!!

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, ask Melissa C. what she gives her kids for sickness because they've been on lots of cruises.

Shea said...

We took antivert on our cruise and it REALLY helped for sea sickness. There was no time to play games in our room, there is ALWAYS something to do on a cruise, something fun going on. Dancing lessons, tea time for you and your girls with little fancy sandwiches, comedy shows. I wore church time attire for dinner each night. I never ate the buffet and went to the dining room. I wore a nice dress or slacks. I love to cruise better than anything else. Don't waste your money buying excursions on the ship. you can get right off and buy them at port for about half. Very safe and reliable. If it';s the beach you want, do a little research and take a cab. In mexico we rented a jeep and went to six beaches. It was the best time of my life and so cheap.

shannon said...

Since we seem to do a lot of flying, I am getting pretty good at fitting everything for a week in a carry-on bag. I hate the extra fees and waiting for baggage, not to mention having to keep track of it all for a family of 7! So, what works for me is writing out the activities I'll be doing for the entire vacation. I also plan out the exact outfits before I pack them. The trick is to use as few items of clothing as possible. So, make a few pair of pants, a few cami's, shirts and skirts coordinate in multiple different ways so that with all your accessories, whether it be a scarf or pendant necklace or cute shoes and jacket, you have a weeks worth of different looks, but you didn't have to pack that many outfits! It may seem overkill, but it's a good idea to dress in the outfits and take a picture of each so you don't waste valuable vacation time worrying about what to wear. You'll already have it figured out and you'll be ready to play! I hope you have the time of your lives!