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Monday, January 03, 2011


It's hard to believe that my firstborn in the wilderness is 9 years old. My sweet Anna Belle is a delight. She has so many wonderful qualities and I just love to be around her. She has a fun personality and is so clever - she keeps me on my toes! Here is how we celebrated Anna's birthday! We started the day off with strawberry crêpes and chocolate milk (TRADITION!). Then we watched ELF together as a family. I allowed the kids to eat popcorn on a blanket in the family room - normally we don't eat food in the family room, so this was a BIG treat. :)

Aunt Heather & I took Anna to get a pedicure! Look at those purple toes!

Anna requested papa johns pizza for dinner (she has great taste!) so we ordered it ahead of time, because it was New Years Eve and we assumed that Papa Johns would be SUPER busy, but when we went to pick up the pizza, it wasn't busy at all. Oh well. The pizza was delicious! We also went around the table and said the things that we like about Anna. We could have gone on and on! She is one special girl!

Present time! Anna got some pokemon figurines from her parents.

A pokemon wii game!

A pokemon book.

Pokemon Team Rocket and Ash & Misti. Yeah...she likes pokemon.

A cute picture set with Anna's name on it - compliments of Grandma H. :)

Clothes from Aunt Heather.

Cake time! Neopolitan ice cream was also requested!

My baby is growing up so fast! There are so many things that I love about Anna. Anna is affectionate. She is sensitive. She is curious and wants to understand how things work. She has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She strives to follow the commandments. She is eager to please. Anna has beautiful blue eyes. Anna has a lovely singing voice - I'm looking forward to seeing how she improves throughout the years. Anna is playing the piano and will be beginning gymnastics again soon. Anna loves to play wii, play with her littlest pet shop toys and pokemon toys. Anna enjoys reading Calvin & Hobbes (my influence...). Anna likes to help me cook and is a great helper to her family. We love you, Anna Belle!


Carina said...

Happy belated birthday, Anna! You're growing up to become a lovely young lady!

McElwain Pirates said...

What a wonderful birthday!

nicole said...

Great pictures! Happy belated Birthday Anna! I love that pic of her with her hands up to her chin... too cute. :D

Sarah C said...

Happy Birthday. It looks like Anna had a super fun day.