Help outfit Michael, Sarah, and John

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sunday Best!

The kids looked so nice the Sunday after Christmas - I just had to share some pictures! Thanks to Grandma  & Grandpa D for the cute kids clothes!




All 3 kids and all 3 are smiling - it's a miracle!

Iliana - my adorable niece

My husband in the sweater I bought for him - doesn't he look dashing? Yes, yes he does. :)

Tyler & I - I bought myself this new shirt and skirt.


Alabama Apples said...

I love the clothes! Clothes don't make the person, but they sure can make me feel good! ;)

Carina said...

What a beautiful family!

Hevel said...

You have such a beautiful family! You guys all look beautiful. :) And that sweater... only a loving woman can buy such a fitting sweater. :)

Sarah C said...

Cute outfits. You all look great!