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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sarah & Rodolfo

I have known Sarah B. since I was in Elementary schoo. Our parents were friends and we spent a lot of time together. We went to church together. At one point, we lived one street over from each other. I remember playing nintendo together (when it first came out), swimming at the pool together, going on camping trips with her family together, etc. We have a lot of history. Sarah met Rodolfo and they became engaged. Rodolfo lives 3 hours away from us - so we drove down for their wedding. It was wonderful to be there for their special moment. Rodolfo's bishop married them. They plan to be sealed in the OKC Temple (where Tyler & I were sealed) a year from now, where Sarah's family can be present. Rodolfo's family was present at their wedding here in FL and my family was all that was present for Sarah's "side" of the family. We're not blood relatives, but we might as well be so. In fact, Sarah is planning to accompany us when we travel to Russia to adopt our children in a month or two.

Here comes the beautiful bride Sarah!

Sarah & I

Rodolfo, Sarah, Jill, Tyler

You may kiss the bride!

The happy couple!

Rodolfo's sister did some belly dancing. Rodolfo's family is from Paraguay, but his sister lived in Egypt for 10 years and learned belly dancing.

Rodolfo's sister married a man from Egypt. Here he is doing a traditional Egyptian wedding dance with the children, including Anna & Iryna.

It was nice to be present at Sarah's wedding. I hope to be present at her sealing in a year. She's a very special person and I'm so happy that she found a wonderful man to marry. Congratulations Sarah & Rodolfo!

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