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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a good thing I am a planner

A lot is going on. Spring Break trip to GA. My upcoming surgery. Preparing for our trip to Russia. Busy. But then, I like being busy. Don't you? Here are some recent pictures:

Tyler bought a wet suit. I think it's just an excuse to go surfing more often...not that he needed an excuse. :)

My 3 kiddos, all ready for bed. 

Some pictures of Anna at soccer practice.

Pictures from the rodeo at the Church Ranch:

Daddy & Iryna

Mama & Anna

Mama & Keithy

I decided that I wanted more modest swimsuits for my girls. I found Iryna's on sale online for $5, but Anna's was $42! It's worth it to promote modesty. I have always valued modesty, ever since I was young. The other day, we were driving on a road and Anna said: "Mama! Don't look to the right!" I said: "Why, Anna?" She said: "Because! There's a man walking without a shirt on and that is immodest!" I am so happy to see my daughter has picked up on how important modesty is. :)


suzanne said...

I love the pictures showing Iryna's long ponytail! I've never seen it before. Very beautiful!! Where in Georgia are you going? Have a fun week!!

MariaG said...

Re bathing suits ... LandsEnd Overstocks section ... sometimes have good deals on swimshirts and swim shorts (cheaper than $42) ... and a bit easier for the kids to use bathroom... from experience with our kiddos :-) Your hubby looks handsome and the kiddos are very cute.
Maria (Canada)

McElwain Pirates said...

If I'm not busy I feel useless. Glad you are keeping busy!

Carina said...

You guys always have the most fun-looking things going on! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah C said...

The rodeo pictures are awesome. Fun times!