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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break

Tyler had to take a week long class in GA, and it happened to coincide with spring break, so we've spent our time in GA, near Robin's AFB. We've had fun this week and will leave tomorrow to go home. (I'm eager to sleep in my own bed again.) I thought I'd share some pictures, beginning with some non-spring break pictures of Anna doing gymnastics, forgive the glare of the glass.


Dinner at CiCi's pizza, where my twins just eat the pasta. Go figure? There was a man doing balloon objects. It was fun. :)

Ah, yes, the picture of my man in a swimsuit. He is so good looking. Wow. :) At Tyler's work, they've been doing the Mustache March, where they grow a mustache all month. I've never seen Tyler in a mustache. I think he looks good, but he thinks he looks like a fruitcake. ha ha.

Iryna! We've been swimming every morning after breakfast. The kids are l o v i n g it!


Anna Belle!

Poor Iryna. She is so small that goggles don't fit her face - I've tried several types - so she just opens her eyes under the water = red eyes. You would think it would hurt too much for her to keep doing it, but this is typical of every time she swims. Poor baby girl. :(

The free cookies in the lobby were a big hit. Imagine that? 

What? I'm supposed to smile? Huh.

We spent our time playing wii, watching PBS (we don't have tv at home, so that was a REAL treat for the kids), ate out, swam, and just spent time together. It was fun being in a hotel - because we didn't have much else to focus on other than each other.

In addition to all the fun we've had, I've been able to think more about our upcoming trip to Russia. This trip really prepared me for our trip, at least in letting me know what things I forgot to bring that I MUST not forget when we go to Russia! Happy Spring Break, everyone!


The McEacherns said...

My sister works on a missions base, and every year the guys all grow mustaches to be able to participate in a race called Manny's Mustache Marathon. The girls all draw them on in order to run, too! My husband has a goatee, but just a mustache alone... ew! Our pastor always jokes that a caterpillar crawled up on his upper lip and no one told him for a decade. :)

nicole said...

OH my gosh- I love those last pics of Iryna and Keith in the hotel room! SO dang cute.
And yeah. Jon tried a mustache once- not my fave!!! Just looks kinda creeepy for some reason- haha!! Good luck with everything over the next few weeks. What an amazing adventure for your family. Love you!

McElwain Pirates said...

good job at gymnastics Anna! Sounds like such a fun spring break!

Sarah C said...

That looks like so much fun! I am glad you had a great vacation. Cute pictures of your adorable children.