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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Tyler & I started watching HOUSE last night. We watched the first two episodes of the first season. I am hooked.

This morning was the time change. I changed the time on my cell phone because I didn't know it would automatically change, so I woke up an hour early. At this same time, our dog, Maggie decided to throw up in our bed. I guess that was our cue to get up anyhow. Tyler & I had some coffee cake and hot chocolate for breakfast, just the two of us, before getting ready for church. It was so much nicer for us to be ready before getting the children up out of bed. Must make a mental note of that.

Anna just used the word "ain't" in a sentence tonight. We don't live in Oklahoma. What's going on? Maybe soon she'll add "fixin' to" and "do what?" to her vocabulary. (I can't wait)

This past week I got a killer cold. It. Was. Awful. I can't remember feeling that miserable, other than my walking pneumonia from a few weeks ago. Sheesh. My immune system is pretty compromised at this point.

We just found out that Tyler is going out of town during spring break...and...we can go with him for very little cost! So, I guess we're going out of town for spring break! Wahoo! And our first trip to Russia is coming up in less than a month. Super excited to meet my children in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. You can follow that blog here.

I sang at a Lt Col's retirement ceremony this past friday. It was my 7th time to sing the national anthem for a military function. I never get tired (or not feel nervous) when singing our beloved national anthem. It was also wonderful to hear about a great man's career in the Air Force. It occured to me that we usually hear about a man's achievements at his funeral. It was nice to hear about them and be able to spend time with the man afterwards. He goes to my ward at church and is just a great man. I felt honored to participate in ceremony.


nicole said...

Wow- you have so many exciting things coming up! So happy for you!
Completely agree about getting up earlier than the kids- makes SUCH a difference.
Sorry about that nasty cold- sounds awful. Glad you're feeling better- and that you were well enough to sing. The Lord is surely blessing you Jill.

Sarah C said...

I am glad you have had so many opportunities to sing. Have fun on your spring break vacation with Tyler. I am glad you are enjoying House. We like it too.