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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The game is afoot

Last week I had ordered Anna some new shoes from She wanted a particular pair that was purple and super sparkly. I figured that her feet had grown so I ordered a half size up from her current shoes. The cost for the shoes was the same as at the BX on base - plus there's more variety and free shipping on The shoes arrived - Anna was ecstatic. She put them on and then walked around. Something was off, I could tell, but Anna insisted that the shoes were "great". Hmmmm. I decided that perhaps she was up a whole size and not just a half size, so I took her to the BX to measure her feet and see what size they were. To my surprise, she had gone from a size 2 to a size 4. (!) No wonder that size 2 1/2 shoes weren't fitting. Just for fun, I decided to measure Iryna's feet. I had just purchased a pair of shoes for her, size 10, because we thought we had lost her other shoes - so I bought her the shoes and of course within days we found the old pair - has this happened to you??? Well, her feet measured a size 11. (!!) At this point, I was afraid to measure Keith's feet - because of the trend thus far. He was wearing a size 9 in his shoes. I measured his feet and then I asked the woman working in the shoe department to come over and confirm his true size: 11 1/2. (!!!) And so, instead of just measuring Anna's feet and going home, I bought Iryna a new pair of shoes - which actually fit her extremely narrow feet - and Keith got some CARS shoes that light up + some black Sunday shoes. Then I came home and ordered Anna some of those same sparkly shoes in size 4. Here they are modeling their new shoesies.

I have to admit that I feel TERRIBLE for having my children going around in shoes too small for them. Keith has hypotonic CP and as a result, he is super flexible - I mean really flexible - in all of his joints. He has never complained about his old shoes, but I can see more of a spring in his step with his current shoes. I think that I will need to be more proactive in checking their feet for their size as opposed to just waiting for their shoes to wear out first.


Hevel said...

Don't feel too bad about it! Many of the shoes stretch and stay relatively comfy even after the kids grow into a different size... Yes, it has happened to us, too!

Sarah C said...

Cute shoes! I have done that same thing with my kids. They grow up too fast.