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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eye Surgery

Anna approached Tyler & I a year ago with what she thought was considered a super power: double vision. I then took her to the eye doctor who confirmed that she needs glasses and that she needed to wear a prism on those glasses to help strengthen her left eye. If she didn't strengthen it - the eye would eventually stop working all together. So, we tried the prism for about 6 months. There was some improvement - but not enough, so Dr T ordered eye surgery to tighten the eye muscle which will eliminate the double vision.

This morning Anna and I reported to the surgical center at 6:15am - the surgery was supposed to begin at 7:30am. At 8:35am, they wheeled her into surgery. Before the surgery, Anna got an IV. She cried at the numbing shot prior to the IV. Poor baby girl - I'm afraid she's inherited my low pain tolerance. I had brought her gameboy with 3 pokemon games to distract her and they did their job for the most part. A few minutes before surgery, I reminded Anna of the priesthood blessing that her daddy gave her last night which said that she has the gift of the holy ghost and that if she prays for it - she can feel peace from the holy ghost. She then said a silent prayer. As they were wheeling her into surgery, I said that God would be with her. Anna responded, "Don't worry, Mama. I prayed. Everything will be fine." Be still my heart - she is such a spiritual little girl.



30 minutes later, the surgery was over. They said that everything went well and that I could come back and see my girl. She was still under anaesthesia and a bit loopy. She sang me the song that the pokemon jigglypuff sings. It was so cute - she probably won't remember that later. The nurse gave her powerade and some animal crackers. We dressed her and took her to the bathroom. While in there, she threw up in the trashcan a few times. Poor baby girl. I took her home and she threw up again in her bedroom - thankfully in a bag. I gave her a bowl and she laid down to sleep. She slept for about 3 hours. Now she is watching some pokemon episodes on my laptop in her bed - with a bowl. I am giving her eye drops. She seems to be doing well - but doesn't like how her eye looks. :( I am grateful that everything worked out and that my baby is okay. :)


Alabama Apples said...

I hate it when our babies need to have procedures done. I'm thankful for medical intervention, but I hate seeing my children in any kind of stress/pain. I'm glad she is fine, though!

Sarah C said...

I am glad the surgery went well. She is brave.