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Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I'm back, baby! We had a great month in Russia - you can read about all the details & see pictures here - and we are happy to be home. I made it just in time for Mother's Day, and it was a lovely day. I spoke with my mom on the phone, ate see's scotchmallows, went to church and was uplifted, played yahtzee with Tyler & Anna, didn't have to cook once, and enjoyed snuggling my children! The kids each made cards for me at church:

Above is from Anna. I love the last answer: I love you mom so much that I am drowning with love. She's so sweet. :)

Tyler was actually Keith & Iryna's teachers in Primary. Tyler said he started asking Keithy questions about me and by the time he asked the second question, Keithy said: "(it's) too hard!" Um, okay. Silly buggy. He did, although, help Daddy draw a self portrait of me. I guess I look like an airplane. ;)

Iryna's answers were the most comical. My name is Mom, I am apparently 6 years old and I like to clean, walk, vacuum, go outside, and go to bed. I have brown eyes. My birthday is on cake. I was born on an airplane. My favorite foods are chicken nuggets, cheese & potato. I like to help Iryna clean up toys, read, and play wii. I am the best at strong, stretch, touch head. Ha ha. She does know my favorite color (orange) and tried to make in on my portrait with a red and yellow crayon. :)

I truly am grateful to be a mother. Aside from being a wife, it is the most important role that I have in life. I am happy that God has given me 3 children to love and 2 more who are on their way to being in our family. My perception of being a mother has changed in the past 9 years. I used to think that if you were just doing everything right (as a mother) that your children would behave just as they should and life would be smooth sailing as a parent. I am here to report that this is faulty logic and that I am not doing everything (though still trying!) and my children don't behave just as they should, but I love them and I love being their mama.

Today wouldn't be complete without a big THANK YOU to my dear mother. Mom, thank you for raising me in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving me and teaching me to cook, clean, be organized, and be a good wife and mama to my family. I love you!

My mom with me and my great-granny.

One of my grandma's favorite pictures of my mom & I.

My mom & I when I was in college.

My mom & I a few years ago. Isn't she lovely? I think so. :)

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Carina said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jill! You deserve it!

McElwain Pirates said...

SO CUTE! The cards are adorable!

nicole said...

Sweet post!! Yes, your mom is lovely, and she raised a lovely daughter. Glad you're back safe and sound!

Sarah C said...

You are an AMAZING mom! Happy Mother's day!