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Monday, May 23, 2011

The latest

Soccer graduation:

Anna was thrilled to get her very first trophy! The twins loved that the soccer ball actually spins. I have a feeling that they will be broken loved-on by the twins, especially Iryna.

Our pool is definitely in session - the kids love to swim. And here's a picture of my handsome hubby. Woo-hoo, he's such a looker!

Pictures of Keith in his new Sunday getup - most of it is from his birthday. I've always wanted to dress up my boy in a bowtie and suspenders - so stinkin' cute! And his favorite color is yellow. :)

Barry is here visiting this week. He came over for dinner tonight - it was great catching up with him and hearing what his wife, Jessica, & kids are doing. You're welcome anytime, Barry! (And Jessica, AND all the kids, too!)

Maggie is my little snugglepup. Isn't she sweet?

Uh, yeah. So, during our missionary meeting at church a few Sundays back, Keith was playing a little too rough with Iryna and pushed her into a metal chair. Her nose started bleeding...and this is what we saw! I freaked out a bit, I'll admit, when I saw how much blood there was, but she cleaned up quickly and all the blood came out in the wash - that surprised me, too!

Goodbye soccer! I don't know if we'll ever revisit this sport again - but it was an, um, experience!

The kids are out for summer break. Congratulate and pity me at the same time. I hope to find plenty of fun things for us to do. Oh, and your prayers are appreciated for my daughter, Anna. She is having eye surgery tomorrow morning to correct her double vision. She had a priesthood blessing tonight by her father and the missionaries and I feel peaceful about the procedure. Still, would appreciate your prayers. Thank you!


suzanne said...

We'll be praying for Anna. A fun post -both to read and see all the pictures. Hooray for summer! My favorite season!!

Sarah C said...

I love the swimming and soccer pictures. Your children are so cute. Keith is adorable in his new outfit.