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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My son is 7 years old

3 years ago, I saw this face and knew he was meant to be my son. He was "Nikita" to me then, now Keith Nikita. :)

Birthdays help me to think back and see how far my kids have come. I have known Keith since the Spring in 2008. Here are some pictures from then to now:

At the orphanage in Artemovsk, Ukraine.

The picture in the file at the SDA. Doesn't he look sad? Poor little buggy.

My first visit with Keith at the orphanage. They said that he never smiled and I got him to smile within seconds. I guess he was just waiting to smile for his Mama. :)

6 months home.

Learning to walk!

He was sealed to our family in the OKC Temple in January 2010!

2010 Family pictures.

So handsome!

This is his first passport picture next to his current passport picture. He's much happier now. :)

This morning, Keithy woke up and saw that the Balloon Fairy had come to visit. He was very excited about the balloons! We ate strawberry crepes (birthday breakfast tradition!) and then the twins went to school. Keith took his favorite movie, TOY STORY 2, and some mini chocolate cupcakes to share with his class.

For dinner, we had crockpot macaroni and cheese, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate milk - per Keith's request. We all went around the table and said things that we love about Keithy. :) Keith opened his presents: TOY STORY 1 & TOY STORY 2 on DVD; a yellow button up shirt with black bowtie and black suspenders (will post pictures on Sunday - I can't wait!); and a stuffed airplane that makes airplane sounds. He was ecstatic about the airplane. Keith has been wanting to sleep with his toy airplanes, but they are all hard and pointy and small - so he would lose them during the night...this one is nice and soft - perfect for snuggling with at night.

We went to soccer practice for the kids and then went to watch Tyler play the championship softball game. On the way to and from softball, we watched TOY STORY 1 and everyone loved it. I think Keith had a wonderful birthday. He's currently all snuggled up with airplane. :)

Here are some current things about Keith: you've been chewing your own food for a whole year now! I'm so proud of you! You are also about 85% potty trained - such a big boy. I love how you will snuggle your mama. You are extremely forgiving of anyone who wrongs you. You are generous and share anything you have with others. I love how you need me when you need to be comforted. Your favorite color is yellow. Your favorite toys are the water hose and airplanes. I love how you walk around with your arms straight out - pretending to be an airplane "high in the sky" as you say. You are very special, Keith, and anyone who meets you can see that. I love you. I thank God for sending you to me and our family. Happy Birthday, Bugaboo!


McElwain Pirates said...

How Cute! I love the dinner selection! Happy Birthday Keith!

Carina said...

Happy birthday, sweet Keith! You have an awesome mama and your family is wonderful :) You've grown so very much!!!

Zactly said...

Sounds like a great day. Happy Birthday Keith.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE seeing pictures of children of before adoption and after. The difference is so amazing. You can see Keith blossoming in your family and it makes me tear up. I'm so happy for him, that he has the opportunity to have a family and to grow to his potential. That's why I love your blog. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday Keith!

nicole said...

WOW- that really is amazing to see how he's grown and developed. Love you guys!

suzanne said...

Keith has made so much progress! I tell people about him all the time! I'm glad you've adopted the balloon fairy into your kids' lives too. So fun to wake up and realize your birthday is already being celebrated!

Sarah C said...

Happy Birthday Keith. I love you. You are a very sweet boy. I will always cherish the time I was able to spend with you. I remember how excited your mom was to bring you into her family. You are a very special part of your family. I look forward to coming to visit you. You are a sweetheart.