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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Soccer Season

Today the soccer season comes to a close for my 3 kids. It wasn't a successful season for a few reasons. #1 We were in Russia for half of it. #2 Anna was reluctant to actually RUN during the practices and games - this was one of the major reasons we signed her up for soccer. #3 Keith & Iryna spent more time tackling each other, pulling up grass, bringing other soccer balls into the game, and just not having a clue what was going on. Plus, when we got back from Russia, it was clear that most of the children had improved their soccer skills, and our kids hadn't. Ah, well. We all learned something from the situation. No more soccer for the twins. Anna has actually been doing better the past few practices/games, so that is encouraging. She has expressed interest in joining a swim team plus returning to gymnastics. She's also taking piano lessons, so we'll see what all we can do. I don't think that the twins are ready for team sports and they may never be ready for them. We'll probably just try once a year - like we do with Iryna's gymnastics. :)

In other news, I have a fundraiser going for a beautiful red and black homemade mixing bowl on my adoption blog. Please check it out and share the link to earn an entry to win the bowl!

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McElwain Pirates said...

Sports can be so hard for moms! The kids well they just have fun most of the time, but us moms??? We want them to excel. Evie struggles in gymnastics sometimes, she's the youngest child in her class and also one of the tallest so everyone seems to forget she's so young. Most of the kids in her class have already turned 3. I just want her to be able to do everything they do and I find myself pushing her to try harder. Their wonderful instructor has to remind me "She may just not be ready yet, it's okay she's doing awesome!" I hope the twins do better next year!