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Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the groove of things

I am loving this new schedule. I get up and get the kids ready and on the bus. I enjoy hours of silence where I am able to organize my schedule, read my scriptures, do some cleaning, make doctor appointments, cut out coupons, and even fit in a little ME time before the little ones come home. It's heaven, I tell you! Of course, I am excited to bring my boys home from Russia and there won't be much spare time left, letmetellyou, but I am enjoying the downtime that is alloted to me now.

Iryna has been struggling a bit to get used to her class. Some scratching, spitting, screaming. I hope this will clear up soon and I'm pleased that her teacher is very positive about her behavior improving. Iryna has been going to the 1st grade classroom (non sp ed) and likes the music class a lot. :)

Keith is now doing something that Iryna used to do - he covers himself with a blanket and entertains himself in this way for up to an hour. I remember Iryna doing that - she still does but not as often - and I believe it's a self-soothing behavior. Although, I hear Keith giggling under the blanket so I think he views it as fun time!

Anna is back into her sunshine state reading program. I love seeing her get excited about reading. I never enjoyed reading as a child, and I'm not much of a book reader now, although I am trying to improve in that area. Today I worked with Anna on learning a new song on the piano: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. She likes it because it only has one verse. ha ha. It was nice seeing her be able to learn the whole right hand of the song in 20 minutes. That's my girl!

Now that school is back in session, I plan to resume my once-a-week temple trip. It's an hour and a half to the Temple, so I have just enough time to get up there, do some temple work, and drive home before the kids get back. I want to take advantage of this before we bring Calvin & Silas home.

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Hevel said...

I hope you'll have a great school year. Do you think Tyler will be able to go with your to the Temple every once in a while during your weekly trips? I don't know abt Orlando, but the ones I used to go to always needed couples.