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Saturday, August 13, 2011

First day of the 2011/2012 school year

The kids started school last this past week. It's hard to imagine that summer is already over. Part of me loves the unstructured time with my kids in the 3 month break and another part of me is very excited about getting back on a  real schedule when school starts up again. On Monday, I went in to meet all of the teachers for the kids this year. Anna has a male teacher and he looks like he will be fun. She is in 4th grade. Iryna is in a different class this year - which surprised me! Last year she and Keith were in Ms S's class, where the younger special needs children were. Next door to Ms S's class is Ms P's class, where the older special needs children were. This year, they split up the children not based on age but level of progression. Since Iryna is further along mentally, she is in Ms P's class. Keith is still in Ms S's class. When we went to meet the teachers, the kids had a lot of fun playing in the two SPED rooms. In fact, they didn't want to leave when we left! The first day of school was fun for all the kids - they really had a good time. I am happy to see them excited about learning. My kids are so cute! Here are some pictures:

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Hevel said...

Oh cool! :) It's always good when kids enjoy school. I hope that excitement will last the whole year!

We are starting back on September 1, the younger kids going one day, the older 2 in a row. It will be fun for them.