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Friday, August 12, 2011


Iryna is obsessed with dolphins. Ever since she went to Sea World, that is all she talks about! Well, that and Buzz Lightyear. When I say her name, Iryna will either say, "No, I'm Buzz!" or "No, I'm a dophin!"

Iryna has been sucking on her hair lately. She normally sucks on her two fingers. I can't decide which one I prefer. The fingers have been going on since we adopted her...but when she sucks on her hair, it gets all crunchy when it dries. Ick.

Keith has learned the art of blaming others for his behaviors. When I talk with him about something wrong that he has done, he immediately says that "Iryna did it" or "Anna did it". Silly boy.

Keith has a favorite song: Fireflies by Owl City. He sings along with it - so stinkin' cute! He doesn't know all of the words, but he does his best, AND he's on key when he sings. Love that.

Anna is still taking piano lessons. I'm pleased to see the musical ability that she has...I only wish she was more excited about learning to play the piano. I guess I may have been the same way? Can't remember. But I am so grateful that I learned the play the piano - even if my skills are limited because I didn't put in the time to practice.

Anna got a metal bar/brace put in her mouth. It lines the back of her front bottom teeth and wraps around two teeth in the back. It looks like this:

Poor Anna. She says that it hurts when she chews food. She had it put in on Monday and it's still bothering her. I hope that the discomfort will go away and soon! The metal bar/brace is put in to prevent her back teeth from sliding forward before some of her adult teeth pop up in the front. I know that it's best to prevent future teeth issues with this bar, but I wish it didn't hurt my baby.

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Mary said...

I had braces for 3 years when I was a kid - not quite the same as what Anna's got, but similar in the sense that there were a bunch of wires in my mouth, forming my teeth into different patterns than the way they thought they should be going :-) I got my braces adjusted once a month, and usually it hurt for a couple of days (but as time went on, it got less). Anna's teeth should stop hurting soon - if I recall correctly, it didn't bug me at all after the first week, except on days when my braces were being adjusted. Hope she's feeling better soon!