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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Primary Program

Today was the Primary Program. It went really well. Keith's teacher from school, Ms S, came to see the program and Keith & Iryna were REALLY excited about that. :)

We sang I AM A CHILD OF GOD in Mandarin Chinese. There were three other families that sang in French, Tagalog, and Portuguese. It was neat being involved in that.

Iryna took part in a bell choir. I was imagining the potential nightmare of my FAS/ADHD daughter holding a bell and the struggle she would have in holding it still until it was her turn to ring it...yet, I was pleasantly surprised by not only how still she held the bell, but when it was her turn she rang it right on cue. Woo-hoo! SO proud of my baby girl!

After much drama the past couple of weeks in working with Anna on her part, she got up and said it perfectly. She talked about how dressing modestly shows respect for her and for Heavenly Father. And you all KNOW how strongly I feel about modesty, so I loved that. She did a great job - more brave than she knows! :)

Iryna said her part: "Jesus Christ is our Savior." All I heard was "Jesus Christ" and "Savior." Close enough. ;)

Now, Keith's primary teacher, Sis Z, brought a small helicopter for Keith to keep him busy play with during the program. When it was his turn to say his part "Jesus Christ loves me," I heard "Jesus Christ" and blah blah blah, followed by more gibberish, and he ended his talk with a very clearly pronounced: "PROPELLER!" Oh, how my son loves his helicopters and I guess he wanted to share that with the congregation. :)

This primary program was THE BEST one that I've ever seen. Everyone did a great job, the children knew their parts, and the music was wonderful. I only wish I had a video of my kids to share. :)

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