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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Keith came home from school on Friday. He looked fine. He said he needed to go potty - so off he went. A minute later I heard him crying, so I ran to see what had happened. He had thrown up all over himself! The poor guy, I don't think that he has ever thrown up IN HIS LIFE. He was completely freaked out about what had happened and was more upset with having throw up all over him. I cleaned him up and showered him, brushed his teeth (to get the smell out!), put him in pajamas and snuggled him. He wanted to watch a movie, so I gave him a bowl and tried to explain that if he needed to throw up, that he should throw up IN the bowl. Poor Keith did not understand that, he started screaming and crying because he thought that I was telling him to throw up in the bowl. This was one of those moments where I wish that I could snap my fingers and have Keith understand what I was communicating to him. Fortunately, he did not throw up again. I hate that it scared him so much. :(

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