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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I only have eyes for you

For the past month or so I have been having a weird eye issue. Whenever I read a book or website where the words are small - my eyes begin to blur and I struggle making much out, plus my head starts to hurt. After a few weeks of this - I was hoping it would just. go. away. - I went to see the optometrist and he did tests for 2 hours. Nothing was wrong. He recommended that I go back and see my doctor and perhaps get blood drawn and a scan. He thinks it might have to do with my pituitary. We shall see. It's frustrating, let me tell you!

Tyler wasn't feeling well today so he missed church. I went to our 8am missionary correlation meeting and then came home to pick up the kids for church. It was a nice meeting. Halfway through the second hour, I heard Iryna whining outside the door and I knew that my getting to sit through that last half of church was over. Her sweet teacher, Jessica Z, said she was spitting, pinching, and pulling hair. Lovely. We sat out in the lobby until church was over. Ugh. I know that Iryna's behaviors are supposed to be teaching me something, but I seem to just grow more and more impatient with them. Especially with her hurting herself. I don't get that. Who wants to feel pain??

On Friday, Anna and I made homemade crockpot applesauce. It was fabulous! Anna has been interested in learning to cook, so today we made no-bake cookies. So good. Too good. We took some over to Anna's piano teacher, Joyce H. She is such a sweet lady and a widow, so I'm sure she gets lonely. Plus I wanted to share the cookies so I would have less of them to tempt me...she called me this afternoon thanking us for the cookies. Anna was so proud of that fact that she made them by herself (with a little help from Mama). :D

Tuesday I report for Jury Duty! I'm so excited! I've always wanted to do jury duty. When I got the letter last month, I thought for sure that I'd be in Russia so I would miss it. And of course I would rather be bringing my boys home from Russia than attending jury duty - but since I'm not there it is a nice distraction.

I am going to get some highlights, I think. My hair became thinner after Anna was born - I found out that I have hypothyroidism and it causes hair loss after pregnancy if you're not on synthroid - which I wasn't. So, my hair fell out and didn't grow back. :( I was thinking about hair extensions, but they wouldn't really work for me, but Aubrey suggested some lighter highlights to help my hair not look so thin - since my hair it SO dark and my scalp is super white. I am wanting red highlights - I just LOVE red hair! - but she thinks that blonde highlights would be good. Suggestions? What about red and light brown highlights? I don't know if I could swing blonde highlights since my hair is almost black. I want your input. :)


Sarah C said...
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Sarah C said...

I hope Tyler feels better soon. I also hope someone is able to help you with your eyes.
Anna is a very sweet girl. I am sure Joyce felt very special.
I think red highlights would look great! I can't wait to see pictures.

Brianne said...

I'm sorry about Iryna having so many problems lately. Hopefully you're able to help her work through them! If I may offer an insight, I've learned that sometimes people hurt themselves when they don't know how to deal with something else. For example, they may cause themselves physical pain because they don't know how to handle significant emotional pain they're going through, or perhaps they don't know how to handle some sort of other issue they have (more likely, probably, in Iryna's case). Since they lack control in the one area, they cause themselves pain because that is something they can see and feel and recognize as "Oh, I am hurting because of something I did." It's a huge contrast to not being able to identify a reason why they're hurting emotionally or struggling with something for which they can't identify a cause. It's just a clear manifestation of A causes B when their other issue is so difficult and frustrating and they can't understand the whys or whats or hows for it.