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Saturday, October 15, 2011


So you know that we're working with Keith to clean him out since the GI specialist had us double his miralax amount per day. Well, it's been a week and he's STILL backed up. I had the feeling that Iryna, too, was constipated. We went to the doctor, and he did an x-ray. When he saw the results he literally said: "She's full of crap". So he instructed us to take a day where we give the kids 3 tsp of miralax every 30 minutes. That, my friends, is a LOT of laxative. Anna has been complaining of bowel pains, too, so today we declared it to be a PPP: Pierce Poop Party.

Since 9:30am this morning, all of the kids have had miralax mixed in chocolate milk or juice every 30 minutes. We actually just ran out of miralax, so we can't continue giving it - but there has been a little success thus far. In fact, I figured there to be many more bathroom breaks than we have had today. I am now concerned about what may happen tomorrow during church if they don't move their bowels more before then. I've never missed church due to diarrhea, but believe me - I don't want to deal with 3 kids having the runs at church! I hope they can get it all out of their system before bedtime tonight.

To move away from the bathroom topic (you're welcome, Mom!) here are some pictures of my kids from the jog-a-thon at school this past week:


Sarah C said...

I hope they all feel better soon. It sounds like the next 24 hours will keep you busy. Good luck. Cute pictures of the kids jogging.

Diana said...

Unfortunately, this is one of those issues we've been through at our house, too. It's so not fun!! After a YEAR of trying to fix the problem and the docs just throwing more and more miralax at it, which NEVER worked no matter how much I gave them, and then they had my kid drinking mineral oil on top of it...GROSS!!!...and it still didn't work, I finally quit listening to the doctors and did my own research.

The magic ticket for us was equal parts orange juice and olive oil (about 6 oz of each to start with.) Did that every night for about a week and then starting cutting back on the olive oil and increasing the juice so we were about 10 oz to 1 Tablespoon olive oil. I got the light tasting olive oil (though you can get lemon flavored as well). I also tried prune juice, but that stuff tastes pretty awful...way worse than the olive oil and oj. So, we bought some individually wrapped prunes and let them snack on those. They taste WAY better (even bordering on tasty!) After about a week on the "dynamite" (oil and oj) plan I started my son on a colon cleanse from the health food store. We've never had a problem since. Good luck with the poop fest!