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Thursday, November 03, 2011

All Hallow's Eve

I went to Anna's Halloween party at her school. They were playing Halloween Bingo! Afterwards they went outside to play kickball. I remember playing that when I was young. I was pleasantly surprised to see Anna's teacher putting her as the pitcher - just like her Daddy - and she did awesome!

A pumpkin Iryna made at school:

A Halloween picture by Keith at school:

There was a Harvest ball on base and we took the kids. They love riding the horse, although I had to really persuade Anna to ride the horse - she is growing up too fast - but of course she enjoyed it once she got ON the horse.

My cute little froggy!

Keith enjoyed the horse a lot and getting to sit in the fire truck. The hoses were also very fun for him to see. No surprise there. ;)

Tyler took the kids trick-or-treating while I passed out candy at home.

I like having Halloween themed clothing for the kids to wear to school. I found these cute outfits on Children's Place - my favorite brand for the kids. :)

Iryna as a Littlest Pet Shop Froggy, Anna as Mulan (yes, again!), and Keith as a pumpkin (second time - he's just SO darn cute!)

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Carina said...

How fun! Glad you all had a good time!

Sarah C said...

Wow! Your family had a very fun Halloween. Your children all look so cute.