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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am all unpacked and have even tidied the house a bit since I got home yesterday. I feel like I'm still on the ship, though, like my house is swaying. It's a bit strange and because of it I'm not up and doing much today. I hope it passes soon.

I have discovered and am now a distributor of Choffy! Have you heard of it? Click here to look around the website.

Here are the nutrition facts:

Choffy is brewed chocolate. 100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground for a rich, full-flavored drink that delights your senses while it nourishes your body. Think of it as bliss in a cup. You can put the ground cocoa beans in a coffee maker or a french press - which is what I use. I like having it with some creamer or milk and truvia or stevia. It's SO wonderful. Let me know if you want a free sample to try. :)

I also put a link on my sidebar - you can click on to the website by clicking on the picture that says I love Choffy. :)


Stephanie said...

Hi Jill. I would love to try a sample!! Email me at

Sarah C said...

Wow Jill! Good for you. Good luck. Enjoy your yummy treat. :)