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Monday, November 14, 2011


After some great deal of thought, Tyler & I have decided to take a cruise. I am super excited about this getaway. I feel guilty, though. (I always feel guilty) People have helped us and are still helping us fund our adoption - and we are SO grateful! $50,000 is a LOT of money to come up with. Tyler & I are using some of our own money to go away for the weekend. Here are some reasons why we are going:

- We live in FL so we don't have to pay to get here to get on the cruise.
- We are moving next summer and most likely won't be back in FL for the rest of Tyler's Air Force career.
- We have someone to watch our kids for us. (Thanks, Sarah!)
- We found a really great deal online!
- The doctor said that my cortisol levels are high and the best way to lower them is to de-stress.
- Once we adopt Calvin & Silas we won't be able to get away just the two of us for some time.
- Tyler just marked 6 years in the Air Force!


Josephus said...

Have fun!!!

Aubrey said...

Good luck Sarah!! That's a houseful! 9 kids.

Rebecca said...

I love it! that's what we're doing next month! We're in New Orleans and leaving from here, and I have family to watch the kids, and it will be the first time I have ever been on a vacation that long with just my sweetie. We are excited. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time.

Keri and Crew said...

Please enjoy it and leave all your cares and worries behind! Refresh and recharge your marriage before you bring your boys home. Don't feel guilty!

Sarah C said...

That was a great idea. I am really glad you were able to do that with Tyler.