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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am about 85% well today. I still have that overall I-don't-feel-so-good-feeling and I hope I will be back to normal soon. The kids have been really sweet to me during the past 5 days. The hard part is that I cannot snuggle them while I am sick and they are missing the snuggles. And they aren't the only ones. :(

Tyler has been out and had his best surfing sessions yet! It is fun seeing him so excited about his hobby. He is mourning the idea of moving away from FL next summer, so I don't mind him getting in as much time in the ocean as possible. We just finished up watching 30ROCK on Netflix. The Julia Robert's laugh episode was my favorite.

I just finished up a carseat canopy for my brother and his wife's baby on the way. A big thanks to Nichole for helping me finish it up.

I am excited about spending some quality time with my little family this Christmas. Since we've already done presents it will be more about doing things together, which will be fun. Anna got Apples to Apples Junior for Christmas and that has become a daily favorite. If you have a child 9 or older, I highly recommend it. And what's funny is that we don't even own the regular adult version of A2A.

I have been playing Mario Kart Wii with Anna a lot - she is SO incredibly good at the game. It is common for her to finish #1 and I come in dead last at #12, but I enjoy our time together. I love how Anna just comes over and talks with me about things. I hope that she will always feel comfortable telling me what she is thinking about and what's going on in her life.

We've gone through 2 mp3 players for Iryna and I just ordered another one. The first one never worked and the second one worked for a week before not being able to power up at all - Tyler thinks Iryna may have been too rough with it. The next one is in the mail and I hope it will help her to calm down. She is also enjoying her leappad and especially the option to record herself talking aloud.

Keith got a remote controlled helicopter which take 20 minutes to charge and only flies for 3-5 minutes. He LOVES it. He is also enjoying the Airplane book he got and the BIG airplane toy. I love seeing my buggy happy.

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Rebecca said...

We got remote controlled helos for our 2 oldest for Christmas and they are great! We should have ordered spare parts though, because the kid have crashed them into everything and the wings (roters?) are fragile enough that they get damaged and then don't fly straight. But they have been SO much fun for us. I'll be ordering new parts soon. I'm glad Keith has fun with his!