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Thursday, December 15, 2011


On Tuesday I started coming down with a cold. Yesterday I was down for the count and today I showered...but that may be the only productive thing I do today other than write this blogpost.

Yesterday I met with some teachers at Anna's school. Anna was being tested for the gifted class at her school and we were reviewing the results. She scored 94 which is in the average range. (130 is the gifted range). Her highest area was in the nonverbal intelligence index, which is just like Tyler. The woman who tested Anna said she was surprised that Anna's score wasn't higher in verbal intelligence index because of how verbal of a person Anna is and her being well read.

I think this news would have been harder to take had Anna not already made a close friend in her current class. Rebecca and Anna have really hit it off the past 2 months and she lives closeby to us. Anna has a friend from church in the gifted class (also named Anna) and so I was hopeful that she would be able to be with her friend, as Anna does seem to lack in the social department. As for her not being in the gifted class, itself, I am not worried. Even the faculty commented on not only how smart Anna is but that she is very motivated and that that combination will serve her well in school. It certainly has for Tyler.

Danielle is here with us right now. She will be watching the children when Tyler & I head back to Russia. She does really well with the children and they like her - which is nice.

The weather is still warm here in FL. In fact, we have the air conditioning on right now. Tyler went surfing yesterday and the children can play outside during recess. FL does have perks, but I think I will be happy to move back to OH next summer - which was just confirmed to us that we ARE going.

Right now I am going to watch some FRASIER and drink some of my delectable Choffy. I hope you are staying healthy this Christmas season!

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Alabama Apples said...

Yucky! I hate being sick and down for the count. I get so BEHIND! Take it easy and get well. What a fun Christmas! Early, but obviously worth it! :) I adore how excited babies get a is a blessing of being a mama.