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Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Pierce family! We have a contract with the Easter Bunny and he comes to visit the Saturday before Easter. This allows us to celebrate all the fun Easter traditions AND have Easter Sunday to focus on the spirituality of the holiday. 

Cute little Silas.

The Easter loot from the Easter Bunny. Silas and Calvin caught on real quick.

Silas with his jeans.

Coloring eggs. Afterwards, we ate half of them and then used the rest to make this yummy casserole

Sugar cookies shaped in Easter shapes. Tyler and I ended up eat all of them...the kids were more interested in their candy. 

The obsession with jeans continues...

Playtime out in the fort.

Silas is SUCH a happy little boy.

Keith is (no doubt) flying a helicopter or airplane with this wheel.

Calvin is all smiles - he LOVES to be outside.

My happy girl. Not sure why her pants are unbuttoned...

Our newest arrivals.

Our 5 fabulous kids: Silas, Anna, Iryna, Calvin, & Keith.

On Saturday, the Easter Bunny came. We colored eggs, played with play-doh, swam, and just spent time together. On Sunday, we got all gussied up and went to church. I sang O DIVINE REDEEMER as the closing song. I have sung this song before, but this time it was different for me - I really felt the words as I sang them. It was a spiritual experience for me and I felt close to my Savior through it. For dinner I made this soup, rolls, and a homemade lemon angel food cake. Afterwards, we had an Easter egg hunt with pictures inside each egg that correlates to the the scriptures about Easter in the Bible. It was a great activity that I picked up from my best friend, Sarah. (Thanks, Sarah!) It was a wonderful Easter and I feel very blessed to know that my Savior died and was resurrected. And because of Him, I can also be resurrected and return to live with God and Jesus again. 

If you have a moment, watch the following video. I promise that you will feel the Holy Spirit testify to you about Christ and His mission on earth:

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Trent and Meg said...

Your family is so darling :D Love seeing how well they play together and how well they all mesh together!! :D