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Friday, May 04, 2012

Do you ever...

Do you ever just feel down and then you try to figure out why? Last night I sat down and made a pretty lengthy list about why I am feeling down. I shared it with Tyler and we talked a little about each thing. Then he had me make a list of my blessings, which I did. That's the thing, though, I know I am blessed. I know it. I can rattle off to you tons of blessings in my life. I serve others. I take care of my family. I read my scriptures. I pray. Still feel down. Not sure why. But I will continue to do what is asked of me, because I know that God will bless me to do what I came on this earth to do.

Silas has a fever - poor guy. He is extra snuggly, though, which I am loving. In fact, before I realized that he had a fever, I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for all the snuggles because I thought he had magically just decided to attach to me as his mama. Then I felt the fever...but, I'll take it! I love the snuggles.

I did my first EXPO on Wednesday. I went to the Green Market and worked at a booth introducing Choffy samples to people for 4 hours. I was surprised at how much I liked it. I enjoyed talking with people about Choffy and answering their questions. I sold a few bags and had several people sign up for Choffy emails, so that is success. Tomorrow I am doing another Choffy tasting down in Miami for my friend, Sarah, who just signed up as a distributor. I just can't say enough good things about working with Choffy. It's a great company with a great product. And I made some Choffy Chocolate Brownies - so amazing! If you want to learn more about Choffy, message me or look at my website: for more information.


Mary said...

I totally know what you mean about just feeling down - you know, nothing major triggering it, just a bunch of small things adding up. *Hugs* Hoping you'll feel better soon.

Oh, and Silas snuggling with you is a GREAT sign of attachment. The fact that he's snuggling with you during a fever means that he trusts you enough to comfort him and take care of his needs when he's feeling unwell. If you ask me, that's definitely a good sign!

Sylvia said...

My dear friend and I talked about feelings very much like yours - the "I know I am blessed, so why do I feel sad?!" She said that she has been blessed to know that she can feel miserable amidst the blessings and that the Lord understands, and that He even encourages her to process those things out. I think you and Tyler being able to talk about those things is so helpful - another blessing for you! Someone to bounce ideas off of, validate feelings, be there for you. . . sometimes when things pile up, that's what we need. And then we can keep going through this life and keep plugging along. :)

Love you, dear Jill - can't wait to see you sometime when you are back in Ohio! (((hugs)))