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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Only Time

Today was not a great day in the world of mothering for me. I woke up with good intentions and had a few good moments early in the day, but it went downhill from there. My biggest issues revolve around Iryna. School is out now (pity me) and she is STRUGGLING with being home all day. Her main problem is with Calvin: she both wants to play with him and is bothered by him at the same time. Calvin seems to feel the same way. So you can imagine the scuffling that takes place. When Iryna gets in trouble, she takes it out on those around her. She throws something at Silas. She hits Calvin. She pushes Keith. There's only so much (or little...) that I can take and before long, I am screaming at Iryna to stop screaming. Did you catch the irony there? Well, bedtime couldn't come quickly enough and she seemed to welcome it, too. I went in a room alone and prayed. I felt as though God must be upset with me, as I hadn't done very well today. Two thoughts came into my mind: it will take time for me to adjust to having 5 kids AND Iryna is struggling just as much with the adjustment as I am. I am grateful to have a LOVING Heavenly Father who didn't scold me but gently guided me to what I should be focusing on. This song by Enya has touched my heart with its lyrics and melody and seems to go along with where this blogpost is headed:


Carina said...

I just love that, even though you're having a rough time, you post about how much the Lord has blessed you and is blessing you as you all go through this transition. It's truly inspiring, Jill, and I'm grateful for that perspective. Thank you so much. You're in my thoughts and prayers, and the Lord is for sure watching over you. Love you!!!!

Trent and Meg said...

It will only get better with time...but until that moment comes, hugs to you ;0) Seriously though, you are doing great--and you will get even better every day!!